Our Story !

Welcome everyone and thank you for visiting our website! Its purpose is above all to talk about our organization "The Sexy Scientist" which aims to promote the sciences and more particularly the place of women in the sciences. Our team is exclusively made up of young scientists from various scientific backgrounds, and we have been doing our best for over 3 years now to encourage young people, in particular young girls, to discover or strengthen their dream of becoming a scientist!

To this end, we regularly organize conferences in schools as well as information days and workshops focused on meeting between students and researchers from different scientific disciplines. Each of these events allows many children and adolescents to find their area of ​​interest and to chat with several great researchers who work it!

Today, we are very proud to actively participate in future scientific careers! In order to continue working in this direction, we were looking for a way to finance our future projects and we therefore decided to launch this online store! Profits will allow us to continue to organize this kind of events and we therefore thank very much all our customers who by their purchases allow us to continue the adventure! None of this would have been possible without your trust and support!

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