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Testimonial BOBO (1)

Léa Costa the 04 march 2018
"I'm an enthusiast watch collector, and love unique, yet attractive/classic styles. The "BOBO BIRD" watches are my favorites ! It's a great value and comes in an attractive wooden case with brass-style switch latch. While it fit me right out of the box, it comes with additional parts and a tool if you need to perfectly match it to your wrist. It is comfortable and lightweight on the wrist, yet feels built to last. It compliments a number of my outfits. Thus far the Quartz movement has kept perfect time. I know of a number of people who might like this style of "natural" watch, so with it's affordable price and impressive presentation, it would make a great gift. It's my second "wooden" watch, and it likely won't be my last! Recommended!"

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